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Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser 1.0

A browser specially designed for kids to browse pages at
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Kids NetLinks

Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser is a free web browser specially designed for kids to browse pages at The browser lets them visit crafts, educational games and coloring pages. Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser is flash-enabled, which allows children to view funny moving pictures and play games on the site.

The status bar at the top of the window shows the progress of loading web pages and items; it should be noted, though, that the loading of website items usually takes more time than the loading of websites themselves. This basically means that you often have to wait before you can start working at a website. The buttons for website navigation are also present, as in all usual browsers: Home, Back, Forward, Stop, and Refresh. There is a toolbar with quick links on the left side, which has such buttons as coloring pages, craft ideas, games, create and color. Browsing on other sites is also possible, though it won't be very convenient.

What I liked most about this browser is that it is totally customized for children, so it may be a nice first experience for your child.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Totally customized for children


  • Not good enough for browsing other sites
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